"The man as he converses is the lover; silent, he is the husband." ~ Honore de Balzac


Sole custody to one parent is actually the removal of constitutionally protected parental right.

The threat to parental rights in America is a result of the precarious current standing of these rights in the courts.

The Supreme Court has identified specific categorizes of rights that are protected by the Constitution. A right may be fundamental or non-fundamental, and it may be either an explicit right or an implied right. The right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children is a fundamental, implied right.


Fundamental rights include, among others, the freedom of speech and expression, the right to participate in elections, and the right to be shielded from racial discrimination. Before infringing on these rights, the government must first demonstrate that it has an interest "of the highest order" and that it is using the "least restrictive means."

The burden of proof is placed squarely on the shoulders of the government. On the other hand, non-fundamental rights receive far less protection. The government only needs to show that it has a rational reason to restrict non-fundamental rights: the burden of proof is on the citizen to show that the state’s actions are irrational and illegitimate.


The Court also recognizes a distinction between explicit rights and implied rights. An explicit right – such as the freedom of speech or the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment – is expressly stated in the black-and-white text of the Constitution. An implied right, on the other hand, must be drawn from other general provisions of the Constitution, which imply (in the Court’s determination) that the right exists. The Court then undertakes to define what protections this implied right merits. Throughout our history, courts have consistently ruled that implied rights are entitled to the same protection as explicit rights.

We Publicly Declare that every election everywhere from this day forward will center around whether or not the candidate has lived a life of pushing for Family Court Reform that focuses on 50/50 Shared Parenting!!!

"The family courts continue to award sole custody to one parent after separation or divorce, ignoring the proven harm sole custody does to children compared with shared parenting (joint physical custody). And where does this authority come from? A so-called 'award' of sole custody to one parent is actually the removal of constitutionally protected parental rights from the other parent without any demonstration of a compelling state interest if both parents are fit." ~ Ned Holstein
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Sole custody should not be the norm following divorce or separation.

Opening Declaration:
1. We, Men, must first define Morality.
2. Then We, Men, must adopt and live by Morality.
3. Then We, Men, must teach Morality to every Men and Boy in the World.
The Men’s Moral Code:
The 3 main principles of the Men’s Moral Code are:
1. The Men’s Moral Code contains language that teaches Men and Boys how to be Good, Constructive and Moral members of Society.
2. The Men’s Moral Code contains Instructions to Men and Boys on how to Protect themselves from individual Women, Women as a Collective, the Feminist Society and the Anti-Male/Men biased Legal System.
3. The Men’s Moral Code contains the Commitment by all Men to communicate, teach, enlighten and explain the Men’s Moral Code to every Man and Boy in their lives.
It’s about time we define the Morality that will Free Men !!!
Here is how it works:
1. Adopting the Men’s Moral Code will make Men and Boys Good.
2. Adopting the Men’s Moral Code will make Men and Boys protect themselves from Women, Feminism, the Feminist Society and the Anti-Male/Men biased Legal System.
3. Adopting the Men’s Moral Code will make Men and Boys convey the Men’s Moral Code to all other Men and Boys.
4. Because Men and Boys are now Good, Men and Boys will be listened to and looked up to as leaders.
5. Because Men and Boys are listened to and looked up to as leaders, Men and Boys will reform society.
The promises:
When you keep and follow the Men’s Moral Code, these promises will come true for you and you may even be surprised: You will be honored and respected in your home, city and country. Your sons and daughters will respect and honor you. Your sons and daughters will be honored and respected. You, your sons and daughters will be productive members of society and be well-off. You will bee seen as a leader in your home and community. Together we, Men and Boys will defeat all enemies that rise up against us. Together we, Men and Boys will reform and improve the society and the country in which we live.
Provided that you keep and follow the Men’s Moral Code, your position in the community and society will be established and respected. You will reach a peaceful state of mind and your proficiency and skills to analyze and make good decisions will greatly improve. You will reach a position of leadership and your standing will continue to improve as long as you keep and follow the Men’s Moral Code.
The Men’s Moral Code:
Introduction to the Men’s Moral Code:
The Men’s Moral Code is made of Simple and Basic rules designed to make Men and Boys Morally Good, to protect Men and Boys from Women, Feminism, the Feminist Society and the Anti-Male/Men biased Legal System and to teach Men and Boys how to convey the Men’s Moral Code to all other Men and Boys in the world.
It is clear and obvious that every rule has exceptions. The Men’s Moral Code is made of Simple and Basic rules to follow without specifying the Exceptions. It is explicitly understood that there are exceptions to every statement in the code.
1. The Men’s Moral Code contains language that teaches Men and Boys how to be Good, Constructive and Moral members of Society.
Introduction to the Men’s Moral Code Principle #1:
In order to be in the driver seat, we, Men, must adopt the qualities of a Leader. The most important quality of a Leader is Morality. The most important quality of a Leader is to have Moral Values and to think and behave Morally. Being Good and Moral will put us, Men, in a position where society sees us as role models – an example for them to follow.
Being Morally Good also has the effect of pushing Bad people away from you and attracting Good people to you. Preaching Good Morals has the effect of attracting Good people to you and reforming Society for the better.
The Men’s Moral Code Principle #1:
1.1. Honor and Respect your fellow Man and Boy.
1.1.1. All Men and Boys in the world share a common biology and a common brain. We are all flesh and blood and we all experience pain – both physical pain and emotional pain. You are to Honor and Respect these Human aspects in other Men and Boys and to avoid causing either physical pain or emotional pain to your fellow Man and Boy.
1.1.2. Although all Men and Boys in the world share a common brain, our minds differ because our history is different. Because of differences in our past lives – in our childhood and later life stages – our minds and our beliefs developed differently. Despite of those differences we all have a working mind and we are all capable of analyzing situations, drawing conclusions, forming opinions and making decisions. When others challenge our beliefs, analyses, conclusions, opinions and/or decisions we may experience emotional pain. You are to Honor and Respect the beliefs, analyses, conclusions, opinions and decisions of other Men and Boys.
1.1.3. Alcohol and other Brain Affecting Drugs (drugs that influece the Nervous System) significantly change the neurotransmitters (nerve cell communication chemicals) in the Brain and will cause damage with repeated use. Although the brain is self-correcting, repeated use of Alcohol and/or other Brain Affecting Drugs alter the production of dopamine and/or dopamine receptors in the brain. A secondary effect of the chemical imbalance created by the repeated use of Alcohol and other Brain Affecting Drugs is the deterioration, retrogression and distortion of the Normal Brain Processes which in turn will alter and distort the representation of reality in the mind. Repeated use of Alcohol and/or other Brain Affecting Drugs will result in Mental Illness and/or Addiction. You are to advocate for moderate and non-abusive use of Alcohol. The use of other Brain Affecting Drugs should be limited to when strictly necessary.
1.2. Refrain from Harming other Human Beings either by actions or by words.
1.2.1. Do not physically harm another Human Being in any way. Do not ever condone physical harming of a Human Being.
1.2.2. Do not physically harm, steal from or destroy the property of other Human Beings.
1.2.3. Do not approach, attract, charm, chase, date/take out, entice, flatter, follow, invite, have sex with, make love to, court to, propose, pursue, seek or solicit a Woman/Girl who is Married or is in a relationship with another Man/Boy.
1.2.4. Do not threaten or intimidate another Human Being. Do not speak ill of another Human Being or harm his/her reputation.
1.2.5. Be honest, always speak the truth. Lying is harming by misinforming. Do not lie to the authorities or in a court of law under any circumstances.
1.2.6. Be loyal and trustworthy. Betrayal, deception, dishonesty and hypocrisy cause great harm to others.
1.2.7. Practice, exercise and display Patience, Love, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Peace, Self-control and Humility and refrain from Hatred, Zealousness, Outbursts of Anger or Selfishness.
1.3. Refrain from harming Planet Earth, its atmosphere, oceans, soil, plants or living beings.
1.3.1. Planet Earth is (almost) a closed system and it is a finite resource. Planet Earth supports all living beings including us humans and there is nowhere else we can go if the Earth ceases to support life. It is crucial that you protect and refrain from harming Planet Earth, its atmosphere, oceans, soil, plants or living beings.
1.3.2. All the Fossil Fuel that we burn, Petroleum, Coal and Natural Gas originates from a process called Photosynthesis where plans captured sun light over billions of years and produced carbohydrates and oxygen, while consuming carbon dioxide – CO2 – and water. Our Atmosphere contains the present level of oxygen and (low level) of carbon dioxide – CO2 due to the process of Photosynthesis. As we are burning Fossil Fuel we are in fact reversing this process that created the present atmospheric levels of oxygen and of CO2 that in turn support life on Planet Earth. Therefor you are to advocate for the decrease of our consumption of and dependency on Fossil Fuel.
1.3.3. Other contaminators such as detergents, oils and other chemicals contaminate our water, seas, oceans and soil, making Planet Earth more toxic. Therefor you are to advocate for the decrease of our usage of and dependency on detergents, oils and other contaminators.
1.3.4. Plants and living beings on Planet Earth – unless cultivated by Human Beings for consumption – are a part of Nature which supports life on Planet Earth. Therefor you are to advocate against harming of Plants and living beings which are a part of Nature.
2. The Men’s Moral Code contains Instructions to Men and Boys on how to Protect themselves from individual Women, Women as a Collective, the Western Feminist Society and the Anti-Male/Men biased Legal System.
Introduction to the Men’s Moral Code Principle #2:
Men often end up in dire situations as a consequence of interactions with Women. The instructions contained in the Men’s Moral Code Principle #2 aim at helping men to avoid these situations. A list of causes and undesired situations is as follows:
Lies by Women, False Allegations/Accusations of Rape, Assault, Domestic Violence, Harassment or Stalking by women against men, Loss of home by false Protective Orders, Loss of property by divorce, Child Support Payments, Alimony, Loss of Custody over children, Parental Alienation.
The Men’s Moral Code Principle #2:
2.1. Men and Boys are naturally attracted to Women and Girls. Men have a natural drive to have sex with a Woman or Women. Women and Girls who deem it beneficial will use this fact to Manipulate, Abuse, Exploit, Extort, Bully and Harm Men and Boys. Men and Boys must understand their natural drives and learn to avoid Manipulations, Abuse, Exploitation, Extortion, Bullying and being Harmed by Women and Girls.
2.2. Men have a natural drive to Provide for Women and Children, to Protect them, to form a Family and to have Children with a Woman. Women and Girls who deem it beneficial will use this fact to Manipulate, Abuse, Exploit, Extort, Bully and Harm Men and Boys.
2.3. Marriage is a Moral Contract between a Man and a Woman to Live together as a Family for life – until death. The purpose of Marriage is to establish a Family, to have and to raise children to be Healthy and Morally Good adults, and to provide a Moral Example to the adult Sons and Daughters. Divorce and Separation have made Marriage meaningless as this Moral Contract between a Man and a Woman can be made void at any time and for any or no reason. It is senseless to engage in a life-long Moral Contract if the contract can be broken at any time.
2.4. The consequences of the very probable breakage of the Moral Contract between a Man and a Woman to Live together as a Family for life are loss/division of property, Child Support and/or Alimony payments. The characteristics of Child Support and Alimony are such that they are controlled by the State’s Legal System and the Woman – The Man has no control over this process or its outcome and the Man’s voice is not heard. The penalty for not paying (or not being able to pay) Child Support/Alimony is often imprisonment.
2.5. Both Feminist Dogmas, Domestic Violence Organizations and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) incite, encourage, motivate and give incentives either directly or indirectly to False Allegations/Accusations by Women/Girls against Men/Boys. Women and Girls who deem it beneficial will make False Allegations/Accusations against Men/Boys of:
– Rape
– Domestic Violence
– Sexual Assault
– Harassment
– Stalking
The above list is referred to as Abuse* in the following.
After more than 45 years of Domestic Violence Advocacy Groups/Organization’s Propaganda and Dogma that is now Programmed into Politics, the Government, Courts, Police and the General Public, we are now experiencing an Epidemic of False Allegations/Accusations by Women/Girls against Men/Boys. In order to protect yourself from False Allegations/Accusations of Abuse* avoid being alone with a Woman/Girl you are not very familiar with and have no acquaintance, affiliation or familiarity, with her family.
2.6. The Violence Against Women Act immigration provision – aka: The VAWA Immigration loophole – is initiated by the Foreign Woman by filing a I-360 petition with USCIS. The approval of the I-360 petition by USCIS does not require proof of Abuse*, rather mere Allegations/Accusations of Abuse* by a Foreign Woman are sufficient. The VAWA Immigration loophole thus incites, encourages, motivates and gives incentives to the Foreign Woman to Deceive a Legal Resident Man into marrying her and then make False Allegations/Accusations against the Man. A Foreign Woman who Marries, or enters the country to be with a Legal Resident Man and who deems it beneficial will utilize The VAWA Immigration loophole and make False Allegations/Accusations against the Man in order to obtain a Green Card and Citizenship.
2.7. The Legal System, which includes The Legislative Bodies – Congress, Representatives, Senators and associated Lawyers – and The Executive Branch – Courts, Judges and associated Lawyers, the Police, Sheriff, Protective Child Services and other Government Bodies including some Non-Profit, Government Funded Organizations – have been substantially influenced by the more than 45 years of Domestic Violence Advocacy Groups/Organization’s Propaganda and Dogma. This fact combined with decades of Anti-Male/Men biased Legislative work has resulted in a substantial Anti-Male/Men bias in the Legal System.
There is blatant anti-male discrimination in the criminal justice system and the sentencing disparity between men and women exceeds that between whites and any other minority. The Average sentences for crime by gender are: Female – 18.51 months and Male – 51.52 months. 93% of the prison population is male with over 60% having no High School education. America has now passed Russia as the country that has the largest percentage of its population incarcerated, yet we still claim to be the freest country on earth.
The problem of sentencing disparities is compounded by an epidemic of false accusations: 308 (current data) wrongly convicted people have been exonerated by DNA evidence since the beginning of the Innocence Project. The vast majority of the wrongly convicted were men. Most of them were falsely imprisoned for rape. Capital Punishment Targets Men Almost Exclusively.
Men are fully half of the victims of domestic violence (26% of intimate partner homicides), yet are denied service at most tax payer funded domestic violence shelters. Men are treated unfairly by the family court system. It was found that men – often falsely accused of domestic violence – are not getting due process. It was found that government programs for women are getting far more funding than programs for men which hardly exist.
The Anti-Male/Men bias in the Divorce court system often impose financial ramifications on Men upon a divorce as well as social prejudice in regard to their children. Fatherhood is the single most important relationship a man can have, but Divorce courts operate under the idea that women are automatically considered better caretakers.
An extreme example of the Domestic Violence Groups Advocated Legal System Corruption are Ex-Parte Protective/Restraining/No-Contact Orders/Injunctions where the Due Process clauses of the Fifth and the Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution are violated. After filing the petition for the Order/Injunction the Woman can have a judge sign the petition without notifying the respondent Man. At that point the Order/Injunction is in effect without a notification or a hearing which is clearly a violation of due process and consequently a mere claim by the petitioner Woman that the respondent Man has violated the order results in the Man being arrested.
2.8. Women with Personality Disorders, Sociopathy, Psychopathy, Borderline Personality Disorder – BPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder – NPD etc. are especially harmful to Men/Boys both materially and emotionally. A Personality Disorder is a type of mental illness in which a woman has trouble perceiving and relating to situations and to people — including herself. There are many specific types of personality disorders. In general, having a Personality Disorder means she has a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking and behaving no matter what the situation is. This leads to significant problems and limitations in relationships, social encounters, work etc.
Women with a Personality Disorder are associated with a history of childhood abuse, neglect or separation from her parents or loved ones. Women with a Personality Disorder are exceptionally abusive which exhibits as verbal abuse, physical abuse, put downs, manipulation, betrayal, lack of empathy, (false) accusations, failure to communicate, lack of intimacy etc.
To assist you in recognizing whether a Woman has a Personality Disorder here are some general symptoms of a personality disorder. To have a Personality Disorder a Woman may exhibit one of more of the following: Promiscuity, Indiscrimination, Looseness, Frequent mood swings, Stormy relationships, Social isolation, Angry outbursts, Suspicion and mistrust of others, Difficulty making friends, A need for instant gratification, Poor impulse control, Alcohol or Substance Abuse.
2.9. Examining the commodities that we depend on for survival; Housing, Heating, Cooling, Water, Electrical Power, Natural Gas, Petroleum Products, Food, Clothing, Communications etc. and then examining the workers in the occupations providing these commodities by gender/sex, it is clear that Men dominate in the areas essential to our survival. The following occupations are almost exclusively filled by Men: Construction, Electricity, Gas, Water, Transportation, Communications, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Defense, Mining, Oil/Gas Extraction, Warehousing, Fishing etc. A list of major inventions will reveal that the vast majority on inventions were made by men. The entire list can be found by searching on the web for : “list of major inventions”.
Considering the above it is fair to conclude that society depends almost exclusively on Men for survival, while Women depend on Men for survival. It is also fair to assume that because Men are responsible for the survival of Women and Children, that Men have a close relationship with the “Real World” – or Reality, while Women do not necessarily have this relationship. Women who deem it beneficial will twist reality and depart from the truth. Women who deem it beneficial will twist facts to their advantage. Women who deem it beneficial will create a damaging narrative against you, the Man, and will defame and smear your character and reputation.
2.10. Studies have found that half of all workplace bullies are women and you can easily be the victim of a woman bully at the workplace. A pattern of behavior identifies the woman bully. Many bullying behavior exhibit the traits of sociopathy or psycopathy. There are three types of women bullies at the workplace:
– The self-righteous woman who cannot accept that they could possibly be wrong, are devoid of self awareness, and neither know nor care about the impact of their behavior on others.
– The fearful women bullies are afraid, vulnerable, see themselves as victims, and behave in ways they believe will protect them from some imaginary danger.
– The women bullies that behave in ways that they believe are expected, emulating the behaviors of previous abusive managers.
Women bullies are weak, incompetent, immature and are skilled at manipulating and misrepresenting facts. Women bullies are generally inadequate in forming human relations and they gain satisfaction from the suffering of their victims.
2.11. Women as a Collective are mostly concerned with the interest of and benefits for Women, as opposed to Men who are generally concerned with the interest of and benefits for both Children, Women and Men. Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies concerned with the interest of and benefits for Women.
Feminist ideologies generally constitute of or associated with:
– Women’s Victim-hood
– Women’s Entitlement
– Women’s Supremacy
– Anti-Marriage sentiment
– Anti-Family sentiment
– Abortion rights
– Misandry (Male Hate)
– The Erosion of Morality
– “All Men are Rapists”
– Exaggerated and misleading rhetoric about Rape, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Harassment, Stalking and other abuse by Men/Boys against Women/Girls
The consequences – both direct and indirect – of Feminism and Feminist influence and activities on society are:
– The Erosion of Marriage
– The Erosion of the Family
– Slutty Women
– Rise in Divorce
– Rise in Abortions
– More Violent Women
– More False Allegations/Accusations by Women/Girls against Men/Boys
– Rise in Prosecutions of Men
– More Men in Prisons
– The Erosion of Morality
– Destroyed Fatherhood
– Destroyed Families
2.12. Women in Politics generally support the Feminist ideologies described above. Women employees are the majority in government offices. Women in Politics see themselves as victims and behave in ways they believe will protect them from an imaginary danger and are generally unaware of the suffering of Men in Wars, Dangerous Occupations and the Anti-Male biased Legal System.
3. The Men’s Moral Code contains the Commitment by all Men to communicate, teach, enlighten and explain the Men’s Moral Code to every Men and Boy in their life.
Introduction to the Men’s Moral Code Principle #3:
In order to make a real change we, Men, must create an Ideology that would be popular enough to spread itself among Men and Boys. This part of the Code is about how Men are obliged to teach the Men’a Moral Code to every Men and Boy in their life – We begin to teach it to Men and many, most, hopefully all Men will adopt it. Then Men will teach the Men’s Moral Code to their sons and other boys. The Men’s Moral Code will quickly spread among Men and Boys in the entire world.
The Men’s Moral Code Principle #3:
3.1. Communicate, teach, enlighten and explain the Men’s Moral Code to every Men and Boy in your life.
3.2. Continue to read, learn, explore, perfect, adopt and practice the Men’s Moral Code.
3.3. As you continue practicing the Men’s Moral Code life will take on a new meaning as you help Men/Boys overcome dire situations and watch more Men become leaders and society being reformed.

The Men’s Moral Code 2
The Men’s Moral Code 3
The Men’s Moral Code 4
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The Men’s Moral Code 5
The Men’s Moral Code 6
The Men’s Moral Code 7

In June of 2004 my son's mom and I got divorced. I have known my son's mom since 1992.

I have known my daughter's mom since 1990 and we dated until 1994. In November of 2004 she contacted me and we reunited, dated, and lived together beginning in January of 2005. Our daughter was born in 2006. We got engaged in Paris in October 2007. We broke up in June 2008 and I moved out. I focused on my work, my children, and family. As a District Sales Manager for a Multi-National Company I had to travel internationally every week between Mondays and Fridays. I only had the weekend for my children.

Petition: "Florida Family Court Miami-Dade STOP Denial of Reasonable Parent/Child Contact - Stand Up For Zoraya" Will you join us in supporting this issue? 
After spending a "family" day out (Mom, Dad, my son David, and our daughter Zoraya) celebrating Zoraya's birthday, mom tells me that "since she didn't need 'her' father Zoraya doesn't need me". Words that I will never forget.

After Zoraya's birthday, as promised, mom began to deny me any visit with our daughter. Mom served me with a Temporary Restraining Order on the 2nd week of October. During the DV hearing on October 27th, that mom and I attended without lawyers, mom and I admitted to Honorable Judge Cohn that "there were never any acts of domestic violence since we've known each other" and mom answered "no" when the Judge asked her if she felt I was a danger to her and or our daughter.

Honorable Judge Don S. Cohn denied and dismissed mom's petition stating "No Just Cause". The Judge never addressed how I was going to see our daughter leaving me in limbo and afraid of mom..

Mom's Manipulation of Family Court Judges

In December of 2008 I filed my initial Petition, A Paternity Suit. I paid an Attorney a $3,000 fee/retainer. I asked for 3 things; to pay Child Support, Shared Parental Responsibility, and normal and reasonable Time-sharing. 

Then from the 2nd week in November until February 18th I was able to spend a little time with my daughter at the day care that we enrolled her in since she was three months old and which was 50 yards from my parents home. I only visited my daughter at the day care center so I could avoid her mom so she wouldn't make any further false allegations against me. 

On February 8th our new Judge, Honorable Judge Dennis, ordered mom and I to Family Court Services for Alienation Intervention, Co-Parenting, Family Counseling and Time-sharing Issues. 

But then on February 18th mom filed another Temporary (DV) Restraining Order with the help of her new lawyer. Mom and lawyer planned this from December 18th, 2008.

Mom fabricated and lied to Miami-Dade Police Officers on December 18th, 2008 to obtain an "information-only" police report as evidence in the upcoming Domestic Violence hearing they had planned to file. Filing false allegations on their petition and alleging an act of domestic violence that never happen but reported on an information only police report at the Miami-Dade Police Department in the Town of Miami Lakes on December 18th, 2008 is a crime according to Judge Dennis.

What was their motive? Retaliation, vengeance anger and/or all of the above?? Maybe it is because on December 16th, 2008, two days before mom made false allegations to Miami-Dade Police Officers, Honorable Judge Scott Bernstein ordered mom NOT to remove our daughter from Miami-Dade County and to DNA Testing in an Emergency Hearing that my Attorney (Beatriz Cera) requested.

And the Restraining Order relieved mom from having to comply with Judge Dennis' Orders to both mom and dad to report to Family Court Services for Alienation Intervention, Co-Parenting and Time-sharing Issues Counseling.

I did not get a hearing until April 3rd on mom's February 18th Petition for the Restraining Order. During that hearing I told Judge Brennan (former DV Judge) the same thing the mom and I told the Honorable Judge Cohn on October 27th; "that there has never been any acts of domestic violence between mom and I". In addition I brought a witness that swore that I was not anywhere near the location listed on an "information only" police report (that mom obtained December 18, 2008) with a fabricated incident of which I had no knowledge. It was admitted as evidence by Judge Brennan.

Judge Brennan unjustifiably ordered a one-year "No Contact" Restraining Order. I complained telling Judge Brennan that "I felt that not being able to see my daughter was unfair and that it was equivalent to court-ordered child abuse by parental alienation" A prediction that has become reality.

As I was saying this Judge Brennan angrily closed the hearing and began to leave the courtroom and that is when I placed an envelope containing a Notice of Unavailability in the paternity case (a legal document) on the opposing party's table in front of mom in the courtroom. Judge Brennan, alerted by mom's attorney, immediately returned to the bench and called us back to our places and without even checking the envelope Judge Brennan said I violated the just-issued restraining order and ordered me to 26-week batterers' intervention course.

Emotional Abuse Is Far Worse Than You Think

Emotional abuse is traumatic, and not enough is being done about stopping it! How bad is it? Tara reveals the shocking answer. Read More:…


One year after our first hearing before Judge Cohn I was terminated from my job due to the (1) Excessive Court Orders; I requested time-off so I could comply with the court's orders in order to be able be with my daughter. And (2) the other reason, well lets put it this way; Do you have any idea how devastating it feels when people (mom, her lawyer, bad judge), acting under the color of law, hold your children hostage while the huge railroad train called the judicial system runs you over? Then wondering every second of the day if your child is safe?

It is torture for those parents who CARE about their kids and I know MOST of you readers are caring, loving parents. I know because I have met them in the programs you shoved down my throat.

In December of 2009 Judge Dennis finally allowed me to see my daughter when she ordered "Temporary" Supervised Visitation at the day care center until I complied with her and Judge Brennan's orders. 

After two full days of trial in December 2009 and February 2010 the Final Judgement finally arrived on July 2010. As I petitioned, the Final Judgement basically states that I will pay child support and have Shared Parental Responsibility. 

BUT...On the Time-sharing Issue Judge Dennis states in the Final Judgement's Paragraph 31 that I would get "normal and reasonable" Time-sharing with my daughter once I complied with "all" the Honorable Court's Orders to me to attend co-parenting, batters' intervention, and so forth. 

No problem in being with my son because his mom knows and has admitted to this Court that I am a good father, family man, and hard worker. 

Please review the public court records at the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center (33128) to see the excessive, abusive, and Unconstitutional Court Orders and the Court's Requirements preventing me from being the involved father that I want to be, because she is part of my "life", and therefore I have the "liberty" to be with my children and have a father-daughter relationship, and most importantly it makes her, my son/her brother, and me very "happy". 

Deprivation of rights under color of law falls under Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242. This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the United States. 

I AM an important part of my daughter's life. Judges and lawyers come and go but I and all Dads are always going to be right there for their kids. 

So, I have "completely and absolutely" complied with ALL of the Court's Orders.

The 8 Page Final Judgement clearly states that I am a "FIT" parent...see for yourself. There's is absolutely no mention whatsoever that I am or have ever been an "at-risk" Parent. There is the the mention of the false domestic violence incident and restraining order...all false as aforesaid.

And if I was an "at-risk" parent then how come my time-sharing with my son, which is liberal, unhampered and unfettered since my separation/divorce in 2002, is not and/or has never ever been interrupted or challenged? Just because because I fall into the "UN-wed biological father" classification of the state's laws is not a good enough excuse to take away my daughter's father.

My daughter is now 6 and despite this long court case, thousands of dollars of legal fees on both sides and injury to my daughter nothing much has changed. Yesterday I gazed out the window watching fireworks and was really missing my angel but I cannot call her because I am scared of her mom’s false allegations and lies, she doesn't call me and knowing she is only a couple of mile away hurts like hell.

My ex-fiancée has hurt me for years on end and she seems relentless in erasing me from our daughter’s life and I am reduced to nothing more than a broken-hearted dad that battles on for justice in the courts, so that someone will make my ex encourage our daughter to see me as an equal parent and let me be a part of her life, good times and bad.

I have a lot to give and a lot to teach her but the only people she gets to see is her mothers’ friends and family, not a true representation of her whole family, which to me is abuse and falls under the title of parental alienation. This is the act of one parent trying to stop meaningful contact with the other parent.

It is time to stand up and make family laws fairer to stop child abuse being carried out and to promote shared parenting in the family courts.

I have begun the 3rd round of my family court case. My case number is 2008-029595 in the 11th Judicial Circuit in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

They, the "opposing party" (I hate to use that description), have complained to the Court that I have filed 3 Petitions; the initial Petition in the Paternity Suit and 2 follow-up Petitions for Modification. That is correct...and so what?? Obviously it is within my rights to file a petition in a family court case if and when there's a substantial change(s). And there are!!

They, the opposing party and the Courts, should know by now that I will never give up on my daughter AND that I will file as many Petitions for Modification as needed. Do they really think I am going give up or that the Court is going to order me to stop the fight for my daughter to have a normal relationship with her Father?

They should be worrying about other things such as their "r e c k l e s s d i s r e g a r d" for how they have handled themselves throughout this case and the injury they've caused Zoraya and me.

A Family Court Services Report regarding the 12 supervised visits dated January 29th, 2013 states: "After greeting, Mr. Inguanzo immediately engaged Zoraya in conversation and play. Father and daughter discussed different topics such as school, science, books, a trip to France, physical education, Zoraya's older brother and other relatives, holidays, etc. Mr. Inguanzo also practiced speaking Spanish with Zoraya. Mr. Inguanzo frequently demonstrated physical affection, to which Zoraya allowed and reciprocated. Mr. Inguanzo displayed behaviors indicative of being nurturing patient, and attentive to Zoraya's needs. Zoraya appeared to enjoy her father's company. Zoraya and her father displayed a very good level of interaction." This report is written by Ms. Laura Escober, L.C.S.W. based on her observation and the observation of Ms. Maria Puentes, M.S.W. and Mr. Rafael Castro, Ph.D.

I have not seen and or spoken with Zoraya since January 24th, 2015.

This is how the "system" has failed my daughter Zoraya and this is how this blog was born. There's more to come so please stay tuned and please pray (for Zoraya's sake) that the Courts will finally realize how the opposing party has purposefully and intentionally interfered "in reckless disregard" with a child's relationship with her father and that the Court will make the "right and only" last decision that needs to be made in this family court case. That Zoraya can have her dad back!

KNOW THIS: Much of what I have enjoyed most in life is being threatened by reprehensible governmental actions. Those in government “elected” or appointed to represent our best interests: yours, mine, and those of all our families, are not acting within their powers to protect and preserve our GOD-Given unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Many are undeniably doing the opposite.

In pursuit of what is true, right, and just,

WLYB..........Another one Published...to all the parents still suffering under our Corrupt Family Courts. Please leave a comment to the paper about your nightmare. With enough responses the paper is considering giving me a weekly spot about our Family Courts.
Lets make a difference.

I open and freely give this information to any and all persons that want to summit this to there local paper with your name. I release all copyright rights to this to be shared freely and opening to the public.
The Bradenton Herald has always had the guts to print my letters, Kodo's to them for the opportunity to be heard.

Parental alienation: "a disorder that arises primarily in the context of child-custody disputes. Custody can go on for years to the detriment of the children."

Glen Gibellina Parents that alienate the child against the other.........NEED TO BE PUT IN JAIL....PERIOD
Chuck Ferrari Wow what a solution. 
Hate to bring some news, but there are some Grand Parents out there that are forming at a rapid rate across the nation that would like this Alienation thingy, to "Family Alienation". since it's not just the parents involved, it ca
n be the Grand Parents and actually, in many cases, other relatives.
So my message to all those parents, Grow Up, and take care of your kids. PERIOD.
Check it out and note Florida is a member>>> Grandparents Rights Association of the United States>> http://grausa.org/?page_id=44

Glen Gibellina My letter to Governor Ric Scott, FL

Governor Rick Scott 

400 S Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399 

May 21, 2014 

Re; Gold Coast Distributing Luncheon May 21, 2014 

Dear Gov. Rick Scott,
It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff today at the luncheon at Gold Coast distributor in Sarasota this afternoon. As I'd mentioned to your staff my concerns as a citizen of this state are:
Judicial Reforms 

It was inspiring to hear your your story of your childhood and how your mom struggled with the raising of the family along with your dad struggling as a truck driver and being laid off at Thanksgiving. You may have not had much but you had your family. It was also interesting to note that the judiciary wants to be just one arm and not separate as is intended along with the executive and legislative branches of government.

I can assure you that the destruction of good families by the Judiciary are rampant within this state, in every Family Court within this great state. Your veto of the alimony bill last year was devastating to many single parents like myself that within that bill would have made it retroactive for a 50-50 shared parenting plan, with your veto extinguished many hopes of single parents in the state to attempt to get more than the rubber-stamp policy of four days a month with our children. I have sat in many Family court proceedings across this state as a Judicial Watcher and can personally attest to these facts.

The typical Family Court custody case can be dragged on for years, cost tens of thousands of dollars only to the benefit of high conflict attorneys, cause parental alienation and other
destructive consequences including great emotional stress and in some cases even death. I am REQUESTING A JUDICIAL TASK FORCE from your office to investigate the atrocities and destruction of good families within the Family Court arena. A prime example would be my own personal case within the 12th Circuit Court 2002DR3254http://www.manateeclerk.org/.../mid/484/Default.aspx... that has been going on for over 10 years which includes over 800 docket entries, 4500 pages, hundreds of exhibits and testimony of of family, clergy, friends and expert witnesses over the years My reward for my efforts from a father that just wants more than four days a month with my only child has been no contact order for over five years, my daughter, my only child will turn 13 in July. My case unfortunately is not the exception it is pretty much the rule within the family courts of this state. This is a multi-billion dollar business that only benefits the lawyers and their law firms they represent. Bias Judges and Magistrates who play God with our children lives. Lastly the family section of the Florida bar is no friend of the family. The Family Courts need an overall or better yet completely dismantled altogether. 
1. http://www.divorcecorp.com/the-film/ 
2. http://wethefamilies.wordpress.com/.../glen-gibellina.../ 

Thank You for your time and consideration in all of these matters. 

In the Word

Glen Gibellina 

If we don't stand up for children, then we don't stand for much. 
Marian Wright Edelman

Court Records Search
Chuck Ferrari Yup that's good ol ricky boy. Good letter, and perhaps I got a little head of the game, but will say we need to think about the using the term Family Alienation. and get rid of that abuse thingy. Many don't know that there are seperate statutes for divorces and for child abuse.. Ya think Divorce is bad, step into the Arena when the Child Protective AGENCY gets in the ring.
Do agree this was a bad move on Scott's part. Oust Scott. Yes?. I got my divorce in CA and all things now not in FL where in CA. Plus I did all things through the court via mediation.. Even went for the alimony thingy, as long as my ex agreed to more schooling..ie she never did... And, yes I did the happy dance when my last of 5 turned 18. And now I'm a grand parent in a multigenerational family, with my daughter and 3 grand daughters.
But don't get me wrong, gotta find out in FL, the Grand Parent Assoc. realizes the issues parents are having. Keep care

Family Justice & Child Protection Worldwide Reform Committee Childrens Rights Florida Denial of reasonable access to your own kids is child abuseChild Parental Alienation & other Child abuse awareness/prevention Stop Emotional Child Abuse Boycottfamilylaw : Restore Children's Rights Worldwide Children's Rights A Child's Right- Both Fit Parents Parental Alienation is Child Abuse Child Protection Reform Worldwide "The Child" Documentary Parental Alienation is Child Abuse Children's Rights Families Comes First (Reforming CPS, Child Protective Services) Fighting CPS: Guilty Until Proven Innocent of Child Protective Services ChargesOperation Cps Reform and Family Law Reform Sue Cps in Federal Court,and Take Back your Right.Your Family.Your LIFE. Whistleblower Support Fund, Inc. Social Worker Whistleblowers The National Childrens Rights Movement http://www.Causes.com/ChildrensRightshttp://www.Causes.com/ChildrensRights National Childrens Rights Advocates http://www.causes.com/childrensrightshttp://www.causes.com/childrensrightshttp://www.causes.com/ChildrensRights Florida AccessTo CivilJusticeflorida,fighting, fathers,unitedhttp://www.ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter.blogspot.com
#FamilyCourtReform, Now thats in the "Best Interests of the Child"Reform it now!
Posted by Single Fathers Association of America on Saturday, September 19, 2015
What is your stance on equal constitutional parental rights for all parents and any needed reforms to the family law system to ensure them?
5 votes

Top upvoted questions will be delivered to the candidates
Do you support constitutional parental rights for all? 

for some reason the candidates are outright avoiding the question. That is very telling in and of itself.

At least 100,000 voters & millions more would like this relatively simple question like an answer but it continues to be ignored by all the candidates. What do you say that maybe at least one candidate just give a simple answer like if they are or are not for it? I'd prefer an official public statement and that it be a major part of their campaign, but right now I'd even settle for a private message telling me to "bug off". Don't ignore me and all the other citizens who consider this to be a very important question worthy of undivided attention. Voters want an answer.

We all hear about the "war on women"... Well, what about the war on men & fathers in America? What are any of the candidates stances on family law reform to ensure equal parental rights and shared parenting? I'd like to know who is brave enough and "politically incorrect" enough to take on this massive issue?

It's an unconstitutional disgrace and an upwards of 50 billion dollars a year corrupt industry in the U.S. alone. That's just the annual traceable amounts, The actual numbers are astounding as are the negative effects on society as a whole. This issue is literally destroying society from within by destroying the family bonds & structure that a civilized nation needs to be strong and survive. No topic could more more important to this country as it effects all Men, women, and children.

We have no problem saying that fathers need to step up to the plate for their children, but we fail to warn them that when they do they get a fastball right between the eyes. - This has to stop!

Support in favor of this cause would not only mean an awful lot of votes from both Men and women, it would also be a chance to save our children and the decline of everything we hold dear to us not only as a nation but as civilized human beings.

Why say NO to attorneys in the Legislature?

Why say NO to attorneys in the Legislature?

Check it out!



"So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none. When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home." (Tecumseh).

American Fathers Liberation: ALL Men’s Rights are Human Rights. ’nuff said http://bit.ly/1JgMgEm

Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.


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Freedom of speech in the United States

Freedom of speech in the United States
Congress shall make no law...

The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents!

Dads Matter - 2016 Family Law Reform

Parent and Child Contact Denial is Child Abuse

Civil Rights in Family Law


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The “Best interest of the child” (BIOC) policy or doctrine is clearly unconstitutional.

Contact Denial is Child Abuse

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Contact Denial = Child Abuse