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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Welcome new and old members alike. Our organization's focus is REFORMING CURRENT ALIMONY LAW IN FLORIDA, with an eye on future family law issues.



Thanks to "Fangate" the first eight minutes were wasted for the hour long debate, preventing several questions from ever being asked. Both candidates continue to blame each other, while Floridians struggle to make a decision of who to vote for.

There is still one more debate scheduled. Even if the alimony reform questions are asked, there is no guarantee either candidate will show their true colors. Gov. Scott said he will consider signing an alimony reform bill that is not retroactive. Charlie Crist says the laws are fine. We just need more judges.

No matter which candidate becomes our governor, we will continue to push the Florida legislature toward passing a meaningful alimony reform bill this next year.

Please continue to keep alimony reform on the minds of our politicians. Continue your online comments whenever possible. It's YOUR comments to the media that are keeping alimony reform in the news.

Here is a comment and a question to the debate panel. Continue our "Comment Campaign" by sending your thoughts wherever possible. You never know when an influential individual will read them

"The Florida Legislature easily passed the alimony reform bill, but Gov. Scott vetoed it - despite majority approval by both Democrats and Republicans. Fifty-five percent of marriages end in divorce, so obviously millions of Floridians are affected by the antiquated alimony laws as they currently exist in Florida.
The only people who gain from the current alimony laws are family law attorneys. I would like to know what the candidates feel about the alimony crisis in Florida."
David Monroe, Boca Raton
Choose your own words, but please continue with the "Comment Campaign."
Remember, If we let up...we lose!

Candidate Charlie Crist
"Let the judges decide about alimony."
Charlie Crist Responds to Permanent Alimony Question
Politicians are great for talking around a question. See how Charlie Crist answers the question, "What is your opinion of Gov. Scott vetoing the bill that would end permanent alimony?"

"These cases are all different and unique. That's why we have judges, which is important. I want to talk about appointing judges. But the fact that you have alimony, it's brought about to make sure the spouse, whichever one needs help, gets it. It's a fairness issue. How it's done in each individual case needs to be decided by individual judges, not by the governor, not by the Legislature."

Click Here to read the rest of his response to permanent alimony.

Click Here to read the rest of his interview.

For those wondering what Charlie Crist believes about permanent alimony, he made it abundantly clear. He wants nothing to do with permanent alimony. According to Mr. Crist, it should be left to the judges. Of course, their final judgments vary as much as the temperatures around the world! With no guidelines Mr. Crist believes our judges are in the best position to help the families going through divorce.

Charlie, we couldn't disagree more! The job of judges is to interpret the law, but our laws are outdated and unfair. First things first: the LAWS need to be reformed, and then the judges will be able to do their job.

Alan Frisher
Alan Frisher, FLR President

Sometimes it's challenging to stay on course when you perceive choppy waters ahead. But staying on course is exactly what we must do.

Like you, I wasn't at all happy with the debate. I thought it could have been more structured and much more professional. The negative advertisements and abusive name calling don't instill confidence or integrity in either candidate. We are not necessarily between a rock and a hard place (although at times it certainly appears like that). In the end you must find your resolve and ask yourself which gubernatorial candidate gives you the better chance for alimony reform?
Yes, I know, it isn't easy, especially because Scott vetoed our bill in 2013. But the fact of the matter is that Charlie Crist is financed by litigating Attorneys. Do you really believe that litigating Attorneys have your best interest at heart? If you do, maybe you should exclude yourself from our membership and donate your money to the Family Section of the Florida Bar.
This is a very close race. Closer than many of you may even think. If you believe that we, at Family Law Reform, have your best interest at heart, please vote for Rick Scott, remain on our membership roster and give what you can to help us work with our legislators for real alimony reform. Don't make our last 6 years of effort worthless. We have worked so hard at educating our legislators and the general public. Don't let your emotional response to the veto get the better of what is practically the correct thing to do.
Let's not change course, but instead navigate through the choppy waters as we are so close to shore.


Tarie MacMillan
Women Against Permanent Alimony

There are many female Floridians who are negatively affected by our current alimony laws and we need to reach out to them. Many are already a part of our organization and many are unaware that we even exist. They can be helped by knowing that they're not alone and by learning how they can join us to make positive change. Please ask friends, family and co-workers if they if they know a female who is in this situation. There is power in numbers.

"Parental Alienation"
Family Laws Need Your Input

Colorado Study on parental alienation throughout our country needs your input. Here is their request:
"Hi! as you all work with parents and individuals who have gone through divorce, my colleague and I have a research project on parental alienation (at Colorado State University). We are looking for volunteers who have been the target of parental alienation from their children to complete a survey and possibly be interviewed. We were wondering whether there might be any members of your group who would be interested, or that you can forward this information to? For more details, you can see our lab page here with a link to the survey."
Jennifer J. Harman, PhD
They have a Facebook page to post updates
Though Alimony Reform is our primary focus, there are other "Family Laws" that need updating into today's world. Let's gather the data while we work on alimony reform.
“Síndrome de alineación parental”, cuando los problemas de pareja afectan a los niños

Domingo, 19 de Octubre, 2014 Los crecientes problemas entre los matrimonios han derivado en una escalada de violencia intrafamiliar, que puede provocar el síndrome de alienación parental, que afecta los derechos de los niños, advirtió la investigadora de la Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), Claudia González Trujillo. Al presentar su obra “Síndrome de alienación parental: Lazos rotos, corazones desgarrados”, en la Feria Internacional del Libro 2014 del Tecnológico de Monterrey, expuso que el texto, del cual saldrá una segunda edición, es considerado por algunos académicos como un trab... more »

New Video Helps Expose Deep Problems and Conflicts of Interest with Current "Family Law" System

We'd like to share a
What motives are behind
extended litigation?
video that Larry Rutan, one of our members, put together to explain why the current Family Law System lends itself to abuse. Larry helps to demonstrate the relationship between judges, lawyers, and the citizens they are supposed to serve.
HOWEVER, we must call your attention to Larry's opening line: "I'm going to prove to you that divorce laws have little, or no meaning." FLR does NOT agree with this statement. Divorce law is very meaningful for people who are, or could be, hurt financially in their marriage.
Divorce law dates back many years, to English law (and some say even earlier) and is part of our judicial system: our goal is to reform it, not eliminate it. Having said that, we encourage you to watch Larry's video, as his compelling story makes valid points and illustrates how Florida divorce law was biased, unpredictable, and inconsistent - not to mention unfair - in his particular case. Larry's story is a sample of the many divorce cases that are abused by current law in our society.
Click Here to watch Larrys video

Family Law Reform Conference Nov. 15-1
6 (Sat-Sun)

Tired of listening to rhetoric about updating alimony laws with little progress to show...yet? Join the Movement! There will be hundreds of people in similar divorce situations working toward answers to Florida and other states outdated Family Laws, INCLUDING ALIMONY LAWS!

Be a part of the solution. When you look back on your life, what did you do to help fix the Family Law Problem? Hopefully you have written your legislators, signed petitions, and spread the word about alimony to your coworkers. If you've done this already...Thanks! If you haven't, it's time for you to step up to the plate and do your part.

Solutions are rarely convenient. It means taking time out of your schedule to take the steps needed to make the changes in the laws our families so desperately need. Many new contacts can be made with people who have the ability to make a difference. Together, we can make a huge impact on our countries outdated "Family" laws.

The investment in time and money that you make to attend will be money well spent. We will be connecting with many other people penalized under today's Family Law System. These connections are absolutely necessary if we want alimony reform to be a reality.

Airfare from Florida ranges from $225 - $350 round trip, depending on the airline. Book asap. The meeting is $179 if you book in Oct. and your meals you would eat home or away. The cost of being a part of the national Family Law Reform movement will long be forgotten after you experience progress and see the laws being changed.

The Family Law Reform core group will be attending. Join us and hundreds of others in bringing more attention to our countries damaged Family Law System.

For more information about the conference, click the link below:


Money is the key to alimony reform in FL


That's what it will take to update Florida's alimony laws into today's world! In a perfect world we would talk with our legislators, they would listen, and the law would be changed. We don't live in a perfect world. Far from it!

The reality is that money talks. Legislators need campaign contributions, especially now, as the election draws closer. If we can help support candidates who are pro alimony reform, they will remember us when voting on the alimony reform bill comes around.

Please do you part in helping us bring Florida's alimony laws into 2014. Our society has changed, and so must our laws. Our legislators must hear from you, not just FLR, but from you with both your story and your money. That's what will change our laws!

Thank You!

Click Here to contribute through Paypal,

Or send checks to:
Family Law Reform
215 E. Burleigh Blvd.
Tavares, FL 32778

It's your involvement that will make meaningful alimony reform a reality in Florida. Help us help you!
Family Law Reform
email: info@floridaalimonyreform.com
Website: http://www.floridaalimonyreform.com
Family Law Reform
215 E. Burleigh Blvd
Tavares, FL 32778

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Purple Keyboard Campaign - Write ONE Letter #familylawreform

Join the Purple Keyboard Campaign 4 Family Justice Reform and Write ONE Letter


  1. 1
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    Send a letter to your state's representatives. We want them to know we are coming together as one in this effort. Please be sure to always make a strong statement of your losses in these two agencies at the end of each letter. FCLU has received hundreds of incredible case profiles and has three pairs of adversaries that are willing to be Whistleblowers. We are now expanding our investigation to probe family court clerks and judges.
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    For success we need to unite. Americans come together to move this forward. This is the only way, many voices become one.  The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents!Thanks!


The injustice of Family Court and it's agencies that are supposed to help children are failing people on a daily basis and and in turn jeopardizing society as a whole!
You must secure FACTS for your life... a fact is a truth... so let there be truth!! and light of course... and let that truth be that you have a court order from a judge or magistrate that defines your legal status as a parent based on your abilities and the best interests of yourself as a parent to this child and this child's interests respective of parental guidance. 
Do not wait, do not ponder... do not will and wish and wash your own face with your tears. Simply gather the strength of your love for your child and the self respect and self love you have... Figure out the exact process to establish legal rights defined in a court order (starting with a piece of paper where you write down what you want from your relationship with your child WITHOUT the Mother being a part of your wants on this list...). Determine the process cost and starting point and start positioning yourself to engage the process. 
Do not use the word 'fathers rights' in court. Use PARENTAL RIGHTS. Do not use HUMAN RIGHTS as a reference to a judge because the judge knows that is the end all and starting point of all rights and it can subconsciously come out as a condescending reference to a 'bigger idea'; instead use references such as: 'In regards to best interests of parenting' Approach 'parenting' as an idea that means so much more then Man Vs Woman (because it does...) and sell that... because most likely even some of the people reading this have deep seeds believing women are better or more natural parents then men. The reality is that you can brain wash children to grow up believing realities that simply divide and harm others. 
Never should a law read Fathers, Mothers... It should simply read: Parents... a Parents rights account for the rights of a parent. the moment a gender is assigned, it is a gender discriminative marker granting access to violate your human rights. 
You may not be able to get exactly what you want, or run through the streets waving the 'fathers rights' or HUMAN RIGHTS flag.... but you can learn how to speak to those who hold positions of authority and you can secure your rights as a parent. 
If you have the strength and aptitude to stand up for yourself as a parent. You MUST also write ONE letter to your local representatives and request that laws be reviewed to grant Equality to parents irregardless of gender and site local region or area examples of how gender bias prevents the best interest of a child from having two loving equal parents to raise that child.
Family Law Reform

World4Justice - Justice4Children

Let us make the politicians and media aware of all the knowledge we have of Family Court and Child Protection



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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Domestic Violence Using Psychological Abuse

Http:// Www.ILoveANeedMyDaughter.blogspot.com
   Children's Rights: Family Courthouse CLOSED - Building Maintenance - ...

"Relationship Estrangement and Interference is a form of Domestic Violence using Psychological abuse.”

~ Joan Kloth-Zanard of PAS Intervention. 
PAS Intervention stands for Parental Alienation Support and Intervention. It is an International Non-profit organization to End Child Abuse and Parental Alienation.
The International Access and Visitation Centers conference was held in Toronto. The Parental Alienation Awareness Organization was there and spoke to most of the 200 or so practitioners. Of course all were familiar with alienation and its results. Everyone was not only gratified to see PAAO at the event; they all also acknowledged that PA is either a form of Domestic Violence or on the continuum of Domestic Violence behaviors.

Children's Rights shared William Davey Farmer's event — in United States.
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