"The man as he converses is the lover; silent, he is the husband." ~ Honore de Balzac

Father's Rights

As families across America celebrate Father’s Day, this year they will be honoring a right that our Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized as the “oldest of fundamental liberty interests.”

More than a freedom protected under the American Constitution, it is an inalienable right that derives from a time immemorial,a unique human relationship that has produced the very civilization we take for granted today.

Unfortunately, the proud heritage of fatherhood has undergone severe and undeserved disparagement in modern times. As our world morphs itself into an institutionalized mindset that supports a growing variety of parental substitutes, fathers are increasingly viewed as superfluous,dispensable and even antiquated.

The consequence of this is already being felt in our communities.A “Fatherless America” has been directly linked to increases in teen pregnancies, pathological behavior and a variety of social ills that have combined to reduce the productivity of this nation on a grand scale.Parents today are spending more time in domestic relations courts than they are in schools,churches and workplaces.

This can be traced to a multi-billion dollar industry that feeds upon the demise of parent-child relations.Statistically, fathers and children have been most victimized as the Census Bureau continues to report that between 80 and 90 percent of all parents paying “child support” are fathers.

In any other civil rights context, such reports would produce extreme outrage. However, in a leadership environment where one political party is able to demean the other as a group of “angry white men,” needful reform becomes remote. Fatherhood has become a suspect class of gender discrimination and the last vestige of institutionalized prejudice remaining unchecked in America today.

True reform begins not with a politically correct speech that one year ago laid the blame predominantly upon absentee fathers.Policymakers at all levels and branches of government must unravel the draconian measures undertaken to locate, stigmatize and criminalize countless mainstream fathers that have been arbitrarily removed from meaningful relationships with their children.

This silent practice comes from domestic relations policy that continues to embrace long discredited socialist philosophy.A state-created “custodial parent” is “awarded” with formula-driven welfare payments that have no child-based accountability. The payor, typically a male parent, is marginalized to “visitor” status and suppressed as a “non-custodial” creature of “law” in order to maintain a regular flow of money payments.

Such payments are necessary to support a growing bureaucracy of lawyers,forensic specialists and service providers.Title IV-Dof the Social Security Act provides tremendous incentive payments for the states to increase the number and magnitude of “child support” orders mass produced in our state courts. A full range of protections under our Bill of Rights is trampled in the process. Meanwhile, the principal protectors of our Constitution in federal court remain dormant under a host of abstention,deference and state immunity doctrines.

Collectively,this has resulted in a barbaric process unknown to common law. A long-term monetary “award” is offered and potential “custody war” thrust upon all parenting cases regardless of any joint capacity to rear children in a separated environment. A custodial parent is given no incentive under this adversarial framework to involve the other parent meaningfully in his children’s lives out of fear of losing the same children to a “custody transfer.”

Above quoted phrases denote the propaganda employed to sustain this multi-billion dollar child industry.The “best interests” of our children are actually being promoted under a language scheme historically committed to prisons,funerals and lawsuits.Indeed,it influences otherwise model parents to conform to this institutional framework in a manner wholly foreign to a natural order of child-rearing.

While it may take a village to strengthen our resolve as a nation, it takes a committed family unit of diverse types to properly raise our children.This requires our leadership to restore the dignity of fatherhood so that men are not fleeing those same villages.

In the words of one progressive Family Court judge, this custodial framework has “outlived its usefulness.” Debtor prisons and parent locator services will not justify the resulting oppression any more than slavery and an underground railroad did in a not-so-distant past.

Leon R. Koziol is a civil rights attorney with a practice in Utica, legal counsel to the National League of Fathers, Inc., and a father of tw

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Celebrates the love fathers have for their daughters, inspiring them to embrace the important role they hold in their daughters’ lives and to provide the love, nurture, and emotional support that only they can give. The Cause “Stand Up For Zoraya” celebrates the love fathers have for their daughters, inspiring them to embrace the important role they hold in their daughters’ lives and to provide the love, nurture, and emotional support that only they can give.

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Demanding that Family Courts fulfill public’s right to fair, efficient justice with dignity, professionalism, courtesy.

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“The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their child is a fundamental right.” Support the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children.

Join us in stating that children are best protected by two equal fit parents whose rights are strongly protected.

I) Marriage is a social contract for a woman to share her reproductive life with a man. It is the only agreement by which a man can have a family and legitimate children. Enforcement of this contract is vital to securing the interests of family and children.

II) The power of feminism to destroy families is exemplified by statements like: "I don't want to lead the life that my mother had" or "most mother-women give up whatever ghost of a unique and human self they may have when they 'marry' and raise children. " The present feminist concept of women's "independence" really means a government-enforced entitlement to be paid for the rewards of being a mother, without the responsibilities that go with it: to men, to children especially, and ultimately to the world at large.

III) To accommodate this "independence", the marriage contract is discarded by the woman and not enforced by the courts allowing women who want only the benefits and not the responsibilities of marriage to throw the father of her children out while keeping the fruits of his labor. No matter how little she has contributed to their joint assets, no matter how unsupportive or unsympathetic she has been as a wife, the man must continue to support his children without the benefits of his marriage while his children lose the benefits of the two-parent family created by this contract. The man who wants a family is powerless to prevent this.

IV) This creates and supports fatherlessness which is the industrial world's worst crisis, damaging boys and girls alike and creating social pathologies which harm every citizen. Fatherless homes absorb the majority of welfare spending and produce the majority of criminals. Most prisoners behind bars grew up in fatherless homes.

V) Children have the right to be raised and cared for by fathers, and fathers have the right to preserve their incomes and families. Enforcement of these rights will remove Incentives for divorce and illegitimacy, eliminate fatherlessness, reduce violence, reduce welfare spending; remove lawyers from family affairs, free police to fight real crimes, reduce the public debt incurred through attempts to replace fathers with government, restore incentives and vitality to our economy, reduce taxes, and enable healthier and happier children who grow up with a greater sense of commitment to the society that raised them.

VI) THEREFORE WE THE UNDERSIGNED FATHERS AND FUTURE FATHERS RESOLVE to oppose all attempts to replace paternal love with sole-maternal custody abetted by government largesse. We resolve to fight anti-father bias by honorable, vigorous, and sustained means . We commit ourselves to protecting the family and honoring fatherhood. We vow to provide physical, legal, and emotional care to current and future children to remove all government involvement from family matters by the establishment of the father as the head of the family, under God.

This Web Site is dedicated to the elimination of fatherlessness.

"I am a black man who grew up without a father, and I know the cost that I paid for that. And I also know that I have...
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When you have shared a child's entire life, to only have them removed suddenly because the mother has deemed it better for HER, rather than what's best for the child, it is an injustice. Not only for the child, but the family that loves and cares for him. The child should not be deprived of a loving family simply because the mother no longer wishes to have a relationship with the father.  Passing a law of this nature will give rights to family members who have provided, cared and loved the child as if they were their own. If nothing has transpired directly between the family member and the child to support the removal of the relationship, it is emotionally and mentally abusive to all parties. Putting this law in place will protect innocent children from unwarranted heartache and grief. No child should feel abandoned by their family simply at the mothers whim. As there is not always grandparents living to exercise their rights this law would provide relief for extended family members, particularly aunts/uncles. I ask that you consider enacting a bill/amendment to provide this relief for extended family members.

"The disturbing issue to me is the moms who FORCE dad's not to be around... and I know too many of them who are pro...
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Many critics of absolute judicial immunity would be less outraged by our inability to sue judges for official misconduct...
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Excellent article !
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The mission of the ‪#‎NCJFCJ‬ is to provide all judges, courts, and related agencies involved with juvenile, family, and domestic violence cases with the knowledge and skills to improve the lives of the families and children who seek justice.

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"In too many places, black boys and black men, Latino boys and Latino men, experience being treated differently under...
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Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Monday, August 3, 2015

Why say NO to attorneys in the Legislature?

Why say NO to attorneys in the Legislature?

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"So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none. When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home." (Tecumseh).

American Fathers Liberation: ALL Men’s Rights are Human Rights. ’nuff said http://bit.ly/1JgMgEm

Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.


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Freedom of speech in the United States

Freedom of speech in the United States
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