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Family Court System's Cause and Effect of Psychological Trauma

Effects of Trauma on Family Court Cases:

What is Trauma and Why We Must Address It?By Linda Fieldstone

Supervisor Family Court Services 11th Jud. Cir. ~
Although prevalence estimates vary, there is consensus that high percentages of justice-involved women and men have experienced serious trauma throughout their lifetime. The reverberating effect of trauma experiences can challenge a person’s capacity for recovery and pose significant barriers to maintaining healthy relationships, adjusting to life transitions and accessing services, often resulting in an increased risk of coming into contact with the criminal justice system and affecting their family court cases.
Cindy A. Schwartz, MS, MBA, Consultant to SAMSHA’s National Center for Trauma Informed Care, will offer insights into how to interact with people in ways that help to engage them in services, keep them out of the criminal justice system, ease processing through the system, and avoid re-traumatizing. Justin Volpe, Certified Peer Specialist Consultant, will demonstrate how the application of effective practices can divert a trauma victim from
self-destructive behavior to actions that can promote more productive responses when involved in family court actions.
at Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse.

Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center, Miami, Florida

LEGAL TERRORISM ~ By: Glen Gibellina

LEGAL TERRORISM Fighting war against terrorists in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan is a diversion to keep the citizens of the United States distracted about the terrorist psychopaths in the American Legal System. I have discovered that there is no access to the United States legal system for the middle class and poor of the United States. I came to these courts asking for justice and I left further ...injured. When I asked the legislature and the administrative system that is set up to oversee the legal system, I was sent a curt response that no laws or ethics had been violated. These administrative personnel have condoned the use of terror in our court system. The administrative personnel and/ or pathology personalities have colluded with the crooks of the system and have become supporters of terror (tools of the psychopath). Our courts have become tools for the wealthy to oppress the poor. I have recently discovered that there are administrative laws on the books of each state. Although these laws are not available to the public, you must have access to the legal search engines to find these laws. You will need to go to a law library and use the legal search engines to find the laws of your state. This is another aspect of terrorism, keep the rules secret, and run by a secret organization that is not monitored by public citizens. I am not an attorney and after I have seen what attorneys do, I would never become a part of this terrorist organization which support techniques of abuse used by pathological personalities. You must adhere to the rules of the crime boss to continue to practice law and if you decide to “spill the beans to the public”, you will fear physical and financial death. 

The terror system that I faced was family court. This court claims to assist families in the state break the state contract of marriage. They actually post the motto: “Helping the families of Florida”. While in reality, they are torturing and committing Florida families to a life of torture and grave danger; financially, physically and emotionally. I am unable to afford an attorney and the system wants me to go away and accept the crimes they have committed. This court system has caused complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an injury that many terrorist organizations skillfully employ to damage and keep the victim lifeless and quiet. The same occurs all over the nation. Our system of justice plays favorites; you are a favorite until the money runs out or if you have more money than the other spouse. Divorce to a personality disorder is war and there are disordered attorneys who also have no conscience. I hope that one day we will all be able to heal and join together to stop the legal torture of vulnerable citizens. Without a dispassionate and objective justice system based directly on the Constitution there can be no justice. Individuals must know they can have justice despite income or condition. Without these conditions being met no free market is possible. We provide tools for the accomplishment of this, the true justice, enacted by the people. As always: FOLLOW THE MONEY!!

Entry #7 
What IS family legal abuse?

NBC on the use of False Allegations for Child Custody

Client used the phrase "sleazy backdoor maneuver" discussing a tactic used by opposing counseling in his filing against my client Got the judges attention when client said this in court. The judge put down the paperwork he was looking at, and started focusing on every word that my client said. Client is Pro Per pending an attorney. Judge liked the phrasing so much he used it himself several times in that hearing. Client won in court and has been smiling ever since. May just have to get a bumper sticker for this. What do you think? Bumper sticker or not?

This Site Came Into Being And Exists Today Because Someone Survived Legal Abuse Syndrome ~ "I became depressed, physically ill and seriously suicidal after experiencing the insanity of litigation. I lost my home and was sent to the street with nothing but the clothes on my back. Literally everything I owned was gone for several years. I fought my fight to points of exhaustion where all I could do was stare into space. Friends had left; I was emotionally isolated and normal living activities were no longer normal. Rage doesn't come close to describing the feelings I lived with for years. Even this is far from the full story of how bad it got." -- The Founder Of Caught.net and The Pro Se Way

El modo masculino de educar Sinopsis: ¿Tienen lo padres un estilo educativo propio? ¿Es diferente la sensibilidad educativa paterna de la materna? ¿Es necesario recuperar el modo masculino de educar y su valor para la educación de los hijos? En la sociedad actual se constata que existe un "déficit de padres". La ausencia del padre es ya un tópico o lugar común de la literatura, del cine y de la cultura. Existen numerosas obras que explican las claves de esta situación, pero sin indicar cómo debe recuperarse esa pérdida. Según el autor, es necesario rede... more »

Parental Rights- Call Congress to Action!

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Call Congress to Action!* Please help us call on Congress this week and next to sign on to HJRes. 50, the Parental Rights Amendment. With conflict in Syria and questions about the new health care law, you may already have a good reason to call Congress on other issues of importance to you. Just this morning Congress cancelled a one-week recess that had been scheduled for next week in order to give themselves time to work on the continuing resolution to fund... more »

Fathers Rights Court System Children and Families 

Fathers Rights, Court System, Children and families in Florida, falsely accused, assault charges, etc.  What the heck does all of this have to do with Tampa FL Homes anyway?   Well, it all starts like this:

When a house goes up for sale, Did you ever wonder how the sign gets there for a new listing?  The post man of coarse!  Not the postal man, but the "sign-post" man.  That's right it's a contract service, that we as Realtors, pay a third party to install for us.  After all, can you imagine a chic in heels trying to drive a shovel in the ground for a post, then lugging that sucker around to stick in the ground, heck no
So that's where this story begins.  

Going back to my very first listing, I have worked with Petruska's Post, a third party 'post man' named James and his wife (we'll just call her EXWIFE) to help me get that sign up.   James and EXWIFE were like any other American owned small family business, worked hard, had a child, paid taxes, attended Jury Duty, the whole "model citizen" bit.  One day, after several requests to install a new sign post, James didn't respond, EXWIFE wasn't in the office, very unlike themand the many transactions we've previously had.   A little later, with tremor in his voice, I asked James what was wrong, and where he and EXWIFE had been.  

This started the beginning of a new life for this whole family.  James painfully explained the whole story, with tears in eyes and his voice, how EXWIFE his wife of 14 years had falsely accused him of assault, child endangerment, had made many false reports seeking Injunction for Protection, all for spite, and to keep James away from their daughter and start a new life (excluding him), leaving him without any contact, any photos, anything but memories of his daughter.   As if the heart break of a painfully quick divorce was not enough, the accusations (later proving false), he later realized these arrest records, would haunt him forever.  

He was later told by Rhonda Storms and other people in the judicial system, that there is nothing they can do to help him because there is nothing in the FL statues that specifically addresses false DCF (Children and families in Florida) reports.   It seems as though the fair thing to do would have been to expunge those records where James Petruska was falsely accused, and punish those whom make false reports.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you had not seen your daughter (or child) in over 2 years?  As a mother of 3, I would be devastated and heartbroken.   Well this is how James feels.  Listening as a friend, for many many months now, he's gotten tougher!  He went from feeling helpless and heartbroken, to wanting justice!  Fathers should have some rights too, should they not?

I wrote this post for James, to post his public court hearing video, so that he can share it with the world.  James you know I'm behind you in all of your future endeavors, your heart is there, your soul is good, and your good karma will stay!   Hang in there my friend, and stay strong!  I know that you WILL get to see your daughter soon, I'm just so sorry that you've had to miss so much of her life.
Katrina Madewell

For more information on other resources please go to http://www.falsedvireports.com  click on post your story link to see other stories, videos, etc.

Why say NO to attorneys in the Legislature?

Why say NO to attorneys in the Legislature?

Check it out!



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American Fathers Liberation: ALL Men’s Rights are Human Rights. ’nuff said http://bit.ly/1JgMgEm

Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.


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Freedom of speech in the United States

Freedom of speech in the United States
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Parent and Child Contact Denial is Child Abuse

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The “Best interest of the child” (BIOC) policy or doctrine is clearly unconstitutional.

Contact Denial is Child Abuse

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