A commitment to an inner journey requires willingness. If you are mired in anger and stuck in shame, blame, depression and apathy, you are in pain. Willingness means you are committed to addressing these feelings head on. When you reach this place of willingness it is important to have a guide along on your journey. A therapist, counselor or coach to be your ally in the process. It does not mean you cannot heal yourself by yourself, but it is much harder and you deserve to have this support. Are you ready? So many Target Parents get caught in the drama that is continually created by the alienating parent. This is how you are 'hooked' or 'triggered' by them. The real challenge is learning how to pay attention to when this is happening and stop it in it's tracks. It is my experience that highly sensitive and reactive people get hooked by narcissistic personalities and this dynamic is the 'perfect storm' for the parental alienation dynamic to emerge. It is of utmost importance that Target Parents learn the art of objectivity, pro-active communication skill building.